Salem Foundation

The Salem Foundation is a non-profit organization formed for the sole purpose of assisting Salem Christian Homes financially. Established in 1979, the Foundation operates under an independent five-member Board of Directors.

The Foundation soundly invests gifts it receives to secure the highest earnings with the least capital risk. Earnings are annually transferred to Salem Christian Homes. Although the principal itself is not available to Salem, loans can be arranged if necessary.

If you would like to include the Salem Foundation in your gift giving or will, you can obtain assistance through the Barnabas Foundation, an organization which provides free pre-estate planning to interested families. The Salem Foundation can also suggest a qualified attorney in your area if you would like help with estate planning. A gift to the Salem Foundation creates a growing and lasting memorial without significantly disturbing what is set aside for heirs.

God continues to open doors for our Salem family! Your generosity will help us continue to provide loving Christian care for our brothers and sisters who have disabilities, and enable them to develop their God-given abilities.

Salem Foundation Board of Directors

President: Dave De Koekkoek

Vice President: Greg Anema

Treasurer: Todd Wester

Secretary: Tom Byma

Member: Jeff Thalmayer

For information on giving to the Foundation, please call Todd Wester (909)9889104 or Dan Copleand at (909) 614-0576.