FANS stands for the Family Association Newsletter of Salem. But FANS, has become more than a newsletter for the families. It’s the special events Salem invites all residents and all family members to!

Annually, we get together for the following:

Spring Brunch

Flowers blossom, and Salem starts the year with a yummy brunch potluck, and fresh ideas for the families to hear about the upcoming year!

Summer Picnic

Whether it’s Sports or Pirates, every summer, the families and residents of Salem get together for a Summer BBQ dressed in theme and ready for water fun, food, and summer sun!

Harvest Dance

In 2008, we added the Harvest Dance and invited every resident and local family member to join us dressed in costume for an afternoon of dancing, food, and contests.

Christmas Party

This is Salem’s gift to the families to see their family member of Salem and all their closest friends at the most joyous time of year–the birth of our Savior! With Christmas carols to be sung, and festive Cookies to be eaten, the residents almost forget the special personalized gift they each receive from Salem. Almost.

For details see the events page.