Community Care Homes

Community Care Facilities or Adult Residential Facilities (ARF) are homes which encourage normalized living situations and residential independence in a non-medical model of care. These facilities are divided into different levels based upon the resident’s level of care needed.

Level 2 facilities serve residents who may require staff assistance in the areas of dressing, eating, household skills and/or acceptable behavior. The staff to resident ratio averages 1:6.

Casa Puente, De Hoog Home, Palm Place Home, Walnut Home, Wester Home

Level 3 facilities serve residents who have significant deficits in self-help skills, physical coordination and mobility issues, and/or disruptive or self-injurious behaviors. The staff to resident ratio averages 1:3.

Farmer Home,  Salem South Home

Level 4 facilities serve residents with more complex medical, behavioral or self help needs. A variety of specialists and consultants advise staff on training. The staff to resident ratio is 1:1 or 1:2 depending upon the need.

Blue Jay Home, Nantucket Home, Immanuel Home, Oak Hill Home, Schoneveld Home, Yorba Home

Supporting Agencies

Inland Regional Center, Community Care Licensing, Harbor Regional Center

Who to Contact at Salem

For Level 2, 3, and 4 Homes: Tena Meinders 

Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF)

La Deney Home, Manzanita Home, Bonnie Brae Home, Boulder Home, Jacaranda Home, Sycamore Home

Intermediate Care Facilities are homes which encourage residents to develop to their fullest potential through using a medical model and active treatment programs.

A full range of therapist and consultants, including a QMRP, nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, recreational therapist, and nutritionist advise staff on the best treatment and training for each resident. Residents of ICF’s typically have more medical problems than those in CCL facilities. The staff to resident ratio averages 1:3.

Supporting Agencies

Inland Regional Center, California Dept. of Health Services

Who to Contact at Salem

Marlene Everett

Supported Living Services (SLS)

Supported Living Services assist individuals in finding a home of their own and provide the needed supports so that they can live independently. Individuals may rent or own an apartment, condominium or house. They may have roommates (with or without a disability) or live alone.

Staff assistance is based upon each individual’s needs. Typical services provided include: banking, budgeting, building relationships, exercising, finding employment, grocery/personal shopping, house cleaning/laundry, personal hygiene, leisure activities, medical/dental appointments, safety and rights awareness, taking medication, and public transportation.

Supporting Agency

Inland Regional Center

Who to Contact At Salem

Tena Meinders