Board of Directors

As a family based organizations, the work of Salem is overseen by a volunteer board of directors. They represent Salem families and the church communities in the areas of Salem homes. The board establishes major policies, approves budgets, reviews financial statements, evaluates operations, assists with fundraising, and provides support and advice to the CEO and administrative staff.

Board members serve three year terms, and are elected by the vote of the board each fall. Retiring board members help identifying and recruiting new board members. There are 11 members of the board who come from the local communities near Salem homes, and district members who live at a distance in communities that have had a keen interest in Salem.


President: Bob De Jong

Vice President: Jim Auman

Secretary: Rachel Feikema

Treasurer: Rich Hoeksema

Vicar: Shirley Van Veen


Michael Mendoza

Phil De Jong

Jerry Vanden Berg

Mark Willoughby

District Board Members

Paul Anema